15. Stop and Search

Stop and Search ©2011 Linda Radosinska. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The Stencil: Stop and Search by Banksy

If I had to pick my favourite Banksy artwork of all time, it would probably be this one, so I was really excited to work on this image and it was probably the shoot I was looking forward to the most.

This piece was released as part of Banksy’s ‘Santa’s Ghetto’ art exhibition which was held in Bethlehem in 2007. 500 prints were released of the image, all signed by Banksy.

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14. Umbrella Girl

Umbrella Girl ©2011 Linda Radosinska. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The Stencil:

Umbrella Girl by Banksy

This stencil (among others) appeared in New Orleans while Banksy was in the region in 2008 and if his ‘official’ tumblr account is anything to go by, his explanation of the image is as follows:

“The Umbrella Girl is really a comment about how the things that are supposed to protect us – like CCTV or Catholic priests – are often the things that hurt us. I’ve use a metaphor to show this, with rain coming from inside the umbrella.”

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13. Sale Ends Today

Sale Ends Today ©2011 Linda Radosinska. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The Stencil: Sale Ends Today by Banksy

This piece was released in 2007 as an oil on canvas painting, exhibited at Banksy’s ‘Barely Legal’ show in Los Angeles. It sold for $230,500 USD.

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Exit Through the Thrift Shop – Article

Hi Everyone,

I’m very pleased to announce that Andy at UnknownPhotographer.net has just published an article I wrote about my project Exit Through the Thrift Shop. I go into quite a bit more detail about the inspiration and nuts and bolts of the project, so if you’re interested, please check it out here.

Linda 🙂


12. Love is in the Air (Flower Thrower)

Love is in the Air (Flower Thrower) ©2011 Linda Radosinska. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The Stencil: Flower Chucker by Banksy

This is probably the most well-known of Banksy’s stencils, and was created around 2003. It was spraypainted on a wall off Rivington Street in London, and was also made available for sale as a limited edition print that was screenprinted on paper. The stencil was reworked some years later and this was displayed in Andipa gallery in 2009. In addition to this, the image has also been reworked by Banksy into a more detailed painting, showing the full riot, not just the individual rioter. It also features on the front cover of Banksy’s book ‘Wall and Piece’.

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