To Richard Southall for helping with this project in every way possible.

To my family for their continued support and help with this project.

Charl Louw  and the team @ Topic Rentals for their generosity and support.

Leon + Geoff @ Colliers International and Lindsay @ Bryant Trust for providing us with a venue for the exhibit.



To the following people and businesses for their help with locations, casting and costuming;

Julie Nolan @ Stellar Management, Model and Talent Agency

Carl Ammon @ NZITO

Susan Versfeld + family

Brett @ Get Wet

Fabienne Brandli

Marie @ Hilda Ross

Ross + Murray @ William’s Salvage

Tom Mowbray @ Matangi Dairy Factory

Dave @ NZ Army

Lumino Dentists – 5x Roads

Hamilton Operatic Society

Kiwi Disposals

Richard @ First Scene

To all the models who generously gave their time to help out with this project;

Richard Southall, Dale Versfeld, Jacqueline Bridle, Coco Cullen + Mallory Allen, Helene Thompson, Keriana, Kayla + Pania Rutherford, Jessica Rose + Narrissa Iraia, Rona Worsop + Lorna Morgan, Amber-Rose Robertson-Giles + Annaleise Giles, Clint King, Matt Roche, Darryn Versfeld, Juliet + Louise Dunn, Carly Redwood, Fabienne Brandli, Jessica Hoggard, Allie Magon, Nathan Rossiter, Dominick Appleton and Jarrod McKerrow.


And finally, Thank you to Banksy, for sharing your wonderful work with us all.


This project would not have been possible without all your help.