I first started getting into photography in mid 2010 and was mainly interested in nature/landscape photography and really had no interest in photographing anything else at all. I read a lot of articles and watched tutorials online and as I started to learn more about photography I found myself wanting to work on a project that would really challenge me to become a better photographer.

Some of my earlier work..

Waihi Beach, NZ (2010)


Drift Wood, Waihi Beach, NZ (2010) 


Waikato Countryside, NZ (2010)


Lake Waikaremoana, Te Urewera National Park, NZ (2010)


I had been a fan of Banksy’s work for a number of years and I got the idea for this project in late 2010 when I was trying to think of a project that could combine photography with something I was really passionate about. After quite a bit of research online I decided that I would go for it because aside from the odd ‘halloween costume’ interpretation of a couple of Banksy’s stencils and a few ‘inspired by’ photos, I could not see any serious attempts to recreate the images as faithfully as possible. I knew that this project would require a huge amount of money, work and time and that it would really challenge me both creatively and technically as a photographer.

I set a date to hold a small exhibition in an empty shop in September 2011 and every minute I could spare was spent working on this project. 18 images were shot [18 separate shoots, locations, models and wardrobes etc] over 4 days (2 weekends- to keep the rental expenses down to an absolute minimum) in late August and early September and my exhibition was held on the 17th of September 2011 in Hamilton, NZ.


2011 Exhibition Poster